Guan Yinfu
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BMCA Exhibition

Guan Yinfu



1975 Born in Qiqiha’er, Heilongjiang province, China


2002-Graduated from The Central Academy of Drama, Theatre Arts department, Stage Design major .


Solo Exhibition



2013-Guan Yinfu ≥ Objecthood   Jing Gallery, Beijing, China.

Group Exhibition



2016-Dingyun Art Salon Collection Exhibition, Wuhan, China.


2015-Concealed Power Yang Art Museum, Beijing , China.


2014-Soft Abstraction as Constellation, UCCA Store, China.


2014-The Being of Non Being  Linda Gallery, Beijing, China.


2013-Heiqiao Night Away Beijing, China.


2013-Internai/External: The Form and Vision of  Concept  Tong Gallery,  Beijing, China.


2013-Simulacrum and Image Da xiang Art space, Taiwan, China.


2012-Against Space Eight Kinds of Attitude and Situation About Painting, Beijing. China。


2012-Art Taipei  Yang Gallery, Taiwan, China.


2012-Painting Lesson-Negative And Positive Style Yang Gallery, Beijing, China.


2011-Paint Beyond The Frame  Feizi Gallery, Shanghai, China.


2010-Visual Flux –Easel Painting Research Exhibition 1 – Space and Energy  Qinghe Current Art Center, Nanjing, China.


2009-Young Artists Promotional Exhibition “Re-experimentation: a reaffirmation of enlightenment and will”, Beijing 798 Art Festival, China.


2009-First Chongqing Biennale for the Young Artists. Chongqing, China.


2009-Obstruction, A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu, China.





2015  ART SOUTHAMPTON  Ethan Cohen Fine Arts.


2015  ART BASEL Hong Kong, Uccastore.


2015  ART CENTRAL Ethan Cohen Fine Arts.


2015  ART  BEIJING Hongding Gallery, beijing, China.


2012  ART TAIPEI Yang Gallery, Beijing, China.